So... this is my first blog post! this time I was in my creative world, observing the behavior of the cyclops. I noted how it was hostile to anything it saw but sheep. and then thought: "hey,what if I put this guy In the areana?" so I did. first up: the snow Queen from the twilight forest. not a chance. it just picked her up and one shoted her. so it was time for round 2. the Ferrous Wroughtnaut from mowzies mobs. this time the cyclops lost the fight. the guy kept biting him, but to no avail. the knight easly won. but then came round three... the Dreadful Peat Mummy. first the DPM won, then I tryed again and the Cyclops won. it was a 50 - 50 Chance! Also there was this wierd glich were

Realistic Dreadful Peat Mummy.jpg

both grabed each othe at the same time and they both flew about a mile in the air.

DreadfulPeatMummyBite: [1] DreadfulPeatMummyDeath: [2] DreadfulPeatMummyEmerge: [3] DreadfulPeatMummyHurt1: [4] DreadfulPeatMummyHurt2: [5] DreadfulPeatMummyHurt3: [6] DreadfulPeatMummyHurt4: [7] DreadfulPeatMummyHurt5: [8] DreadfulPeatMummyLick: [9] DreadfulPeatMummyLiving1: [10] DreadfulPeatMummyLiving2: [11] DreadfulPeatMummyLiving3: [12] DreadfulPeatMummyLiving4: [13] DreadfulPeatMummyLiving5: [14] DreadfulPeatMummyRetch: [15] DreadfulPeatMummyScream: [16] DreadfulPeatMummySwipe: [17]

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