The Mask Master The Mask Master 24 September 2020

Sir Deltus the Mighty Chapter 2: The Pit

Deltus knew that he could get out somehow, however he was quite unsure how he would do so for the moment being. The ravine seemed to span out forever, and he had fallen at least 50 feet. Wait... 50 feet...? Deltus thought to himself. There was no way he could have fallen 50 feet. Unless... Deltus shook all of these thoughts out of his head instantly when he heard something in the distance...

"Is this a road?" He mumbled to himself. However, it did not sound like a chariot. It sounded more like... Singing? Yes, it was singing. He could not tell who or what was singing, however something was indeed singing. Deltus moved towards the noise, curios on what it might be only to fall unconscious form the fall he had taken.

Deltus awoke.He notaced he …

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The Mask Master The Mask Master 27 August 2020

Sir Deltus the Mighty Chapter 1: Dragonslayer Deltus

"...At a certain point in time, there was a proud race known for it's draconic heritage, Astounding wings, their gray blue skin, and their taste for human flesh. However, after fifty years of their rain, they all disguised themselves, adapting human forms and went into hiding in plain sight. nobody knows how many there are, but they always seemed to have a quote that they once used to be sure they were not human. 'Kalence, Vatekt, selt Caltazar!' they would say. nobody has ever known what it meant..."

Sir Deltus got up, putting his book down. It was time to hunt. He grabbed his Armour, Great bow, Spear, and then proceeded to leave camp. He did not see anything for miles, which would be a bad sign, however, he felt at peace like this. No thr…

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The Mask Master The Mask Master 19 August 2020

note on the changes to the wiki

This wiki has moved. I am sure all of you know of this. though this does mean a few changes, namely:

a lot of comments that were deleted a long time ago have... Been UN-deleted as an unintended side effect. I am looking at a certain wiki manager for having me be unable to do this disaster, however, I am aware that I can remove messages from my wall. Though not without a chonk full of lag. oh, and yes, lag from here on is going to be far more potent. Though I do wish to become an admin one last time to remove these comments, I'd doubt that a certain person I'm looking at would not allow that, so I guess that's a lot of work to do on the admin's part, though I guess I'm going a bit to far into criticism. Anyway, the other thing:

the features a…

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The Mask Master The Mask Master 8 July 2020

Crossover Hub / FanFic requests open!

Baisically if you ant a crossover with my fanfic, say so here, and if you want me to do some fanfiction for you and save you some work, let me know here!

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The Mask Master The Mask Master 6 July 2020


Well, well, well... Ain't dat quite da truth...

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