Please make sea serpents tameable.

They are similar to dragons: They have several stages; drop scales that can be used to make armour; have multiple attacks, including a ranged one; they can get very big.

Sea serpents would have a chance to drop an egg. If placed in water, it would soon hatch into a tamed baby sea serpent. You could feed it serpent meal (Dragon meal but with fish instead of meat) to grow it. You could ride it once big enough.

Whilst riding, you could make it fire bubbles at enemies and jump. You could also make it surface and shoot at enemies on land or in the air. The sea serpent would be capable of breaking underwater blocks and replacing them with water. It would attack hostile mobs that are in water (useful for clearing out drowned or guardians) and if near a shore, shoot bubbles at enemies on land from the water. This water jet would be strong enough to break prisamarine (great for conquering ocean monuments) and would get stronger as the serpent aged.

Another new sea serpent drop would be the Conch Shell (this could also be a siren drop). It would act like a Dragon horn for sea serpents, but would only allow you to deploy the serpent in water. It would be a rare but invaluable drop: It would let you move your pet serpent from one body of water to another, or call on it when in an (aquatic) sticky situation.

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Comment down below with #tameable if you want sea serpents to be tameable.

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