hello, if someone reads this please, help me, in this small problems I will put a slight list of the problems seen, and happened to the operating principles of the mod

-Windos of the dragon, life and level

when reviewing, in a small videos about the mod, how it works if it is very interesting, when I see, when it teaches to domesticate the dragon, a small window or icon appears, that says its level and life

when installing the mod that I like so much, it's ice and fire.

I did the whole process of domestication of the dragon ... etc, but then I realized, that I could not visualize, the life and level of the dragon, that window, appeared in the upper part, did not appear, it seemed strange to me maybe it was something , but I reloaded the world, but it still did not work.

normally, I use the version of the mod, the updatable, 1.12.2

really, I would not know if it's a minecraft configuration, which I did wrong, oh it's disabled.

I will find out, if the minecraft settings are bad, if the problem is solved.

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