The Dragonforge is used to make corresponding Dragonsteel ingots of its type using bottles of dragon blood and iron ingots.

A stage 3+ dragon, when near a fully complete Dragonforge will automatically breathe its corresponding breath on it and begin the process of making Dragonsteel ingots. This works with any stage 3+, dragon, including wild ones. If you use a wild dragon, it is recommended that you fasten it or trap it in a large cage made from blocks that it will not destroy, as the dragon will still be wild and aggressive. Dragons will still sleep at night (or day if it's a lightning dragon) so it's advised to sleep through the night for max productivity (unless you're using a lightning Dragonforge).

Note that the type of dragon blood, Dragonforge, and dragon must be the same. A fire Dragonforge, fire dragon blood, and a fire dragon will produce fire Dragonsteel ingots. An ice Dragonforge, ice dragon blood and an ice dragon will make ice Dragonsteel.


It is important to note that a Dragonforge isn't just one craftable block, but a 3x3x3 cube of blocks. The blocks required are as follows: 1 Dragonforge Core, 1 Dragonforge Input (Dragonforge Aperture), 8 dragon bone blocks, and 17 Dragonforge bricks. (Recipes are at the bottom of the page.)

These are the layers from layer 1, in the front to layer 3 in the back.

Once correctly constructed, you may insert iron ingots and dragon blood. (Depending in which forge you used, it will create Dragonsteel of the same type of Dragonforge you used.)

When you are ready to make Dragonsteel you will need a stage 3+ dragon of the type of Dragonsteel you want to begin the process.

Dragonforge in progress with a stage 3 dragon in the background.

Dragonforge after the fire Dragonsteel ingot was made.

Note: It is recommended that you build your Dragonforge away from your base, as everything around it will be set on fire or frozen, depending on the type of forge.

Blocks needed are:

2019-10-22 15.42.50.png

Dragon bricks

Dragon bone blocks

Dragonforge core.


Dragonforge aperture.

Below is a table of the layout.

Layers 1 and 3 (outer layers)
Dragon bone block Dragon bricks Dragon bone block
Dragon bricks Dragon bricks Dragon bricks
Dragon bone block Dragon bricks Dragon bone block
Layer 2 (middle layer)
Dragon bricks

Dragon bricks

Dragon bricks
Dragon bricks Dragonforge core Dragon bricks
Dragon bricks Dragonforge input block Dragon bricks
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