Aside from adding sophisticated dragons, the Ice and Fire mod adds many more unique creatures from assorted mythologies. This is a list comprising of all in-game creatures.

Tameable mobs are marked in bold letters.

Phase 1Edit

Passive MobsEdit

  • Snow Villager: A peaceful villager that lives in icy villages found in the snowy biomes of the world.
  • Pixie: A frivolous forest sprite that enjoys stealing items from unsuspecting explorers.
  • Hippocampus: A graceful seafaring beast that can be tamed and handled as a versatile speed mount.

Neutral MobsEdit

  • Hippogryph: An alpine flying predator that can be tamed and handled as a sturdy flying war mount.
  • Amphithere: A tropical feathered serpent that can be wrangled into an efficient flying speed mount.

Hostile MobsEdit

  • Fire Dragon: A ruthless winged reptile that travels far and wide to raze villages with its fiery breath.
  • Ice Dragon: A wintry, amphibious cousin of the fire dragon that exudes an icy gale from its mouth.
  • Gorgon: A repulsive, twisted monstrosity that can turn any living thing to stone with her terrible gaze.
  • Cyclops: An irritable giant that tends to a flock of sheep in a stony seaside cove.
  • Siren: A seaside fiend that seduces sailors with charming songs before revealing its horrifying true form.
  • Death Worm: A ravenous worm that digs through the desert sands and devours anything it comes across.
  • Cockatrice: A vile chicken-like creature that brings death upon its foes with its piercing stare.
  • Stymphalian Bird: A fierce raptor that descends upon prey with a bronze beak and sharp, metallic pinions.
  • Troll: A hideous brute that lurks in caves and savagely bludgeons any trespassers upon its turf.
  • Myrmex: An ornery insect that lives in underground nests and maintains a highly-structured caste system.
  • Sea Serpent: A frightful reptilian sea monster that relentlessly attacks all smaller creatures on sight.

Upcoming BossesEdit

  • The Dread Queen: An undead tyrant that rides upon an exanimate ice dragon and leads a haunted army.

Phase 2Edit

Upcoming MobsEdit

  • Lightning Dragon: An elusive, nocturnal dragon that bombards foes with a deadly stream of electricity.
  • Hydra: A venomous, multi-headed serpent that can regenerate any of its heads if they are severed.
  • Wendigo: A voracious sylvan demon that disguises as innocent animals before pouncing on unwary prey.
  • Vampire: An undead horror that rises from its lair at night to feed on the blood of the living.
  • Werewolf: An unfortunate commoner cursed to become a vicious wolf-like beast under the full moon's light.
  • Automaton: A ramshackle machine that springs to life to terminate any sentient being that comes near.
  • Ghost: A vengeful spirit that haunts its previous body and assaults any trespassers without prejudice.
  • Goblin: A greedy imp that raids nearby villages and steals treasure to hoard it in its own fort.
  • Kraken: A bloodcurdling leviathan that rises from the deep to wreak havoc on all living near the surface.

Upcoming BossesEdit

  • The Ifrit: A brutal fire demon that wields a giant flaming sword and resides in the fiery depths of the Nether.


Phase 1Edit

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